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Well, turns out I didn't have as much time as I hoped. Life just kinda happened.

Nonetheless, the few hours of free time that I had, I spent learning luxe and I'm proud of the amount I learned over the few hours during the 10 days.

As I am primarily a programmer, I spent the time getting familiar with the various APIs and other systems. And well, because of that, there is no real gameplay(*).

I suppose it was more of a Learn/Experiment Jam for me, then. And what I learned, will without doubt be useful in future Jams!

*I have provided a build, but keep in mind, it has next to 0 gameplay, and I have only tested the Windows build.

Off-topic, but I really enjoyed the time I spent with luxe and will continue to do so. I suggest anyone interested in luxe to sign up for the newsletter and join the Discord at https://luxeengine.com/ !


LuxeJamJan22-0.0.0-windows.zip 4 MB
LuxeJamJan22-0.0.0-linux.zip 5 MB
LuxeJamJan22-0.0.0-mac.zip 5 MB

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